“The show stealer, however, was Barcelona-based Cuban rapper Kumar, who prowled the stage with his waist long dreads waving behind him as he chanted a call-and-response with the crowd to the chorus of his unrecorded hit that could easily become Cuba’s underground anthem: “Solo quiero conectarme la wifi / Dame la contraseña (I just want to connect to wi-fi / Give me the password).”… VIBE Magazine


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Sub-Elevation (Vinilo)

Latest Album

Sub-Elevation is a consequence of Afro-Cuban culture influence, sacred Drums as a Batá with several tributes to Orishas and the Ancestral Yoruba tradition in combination with the modern language as Jazz and Hip hop. This music takes the listener directly into the jungle of our time, conspiracy, injustice , corruption and decadence are countered by a massive injection of Spiritualism and positive Revolution.


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“Solo quiero conectarme la Wi-Fi.”  That’s the hook from a new song by the Barcelona-based, Afro-Cuban singer and producer Kumar Sublevao-Beat. And throughout the hot, smoggy weekend of Manana Cuba, the country’s first international electronic music festival, it was everywhere.The tune thumped out of a pre-party at the Casa Micaela, a windowless nightclub behind a secret door in a restaurant off the central Parque Cespedes. It rang from the main stage of the Teatro Heredia, a swooping modernist cultural complex where Kumar fleshed it out with local jazz musicians and traditional drummers”… Los Angeles Times


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