RELEASED: January 1, 2014
ARTIST: Kumar Sublevao-Beat
LABEL: Scioue Scioue Productions
PRODUCER: Kumar Sublevao-Beat
Sub-Elevation (Vinilo)

is a new 12″ Afro-Jazz Hip hop vanguard straight from Cuba, produced by Kumar aka Sublevao-Beat. After 2 Lp with major (Universal Music) Kumar is back to the underground with Scioué Scioué Proudactions, this new 12″ sounds absolutely fresh ad different, explosive rhythms , breaks, smoking drums, crazy horns and vintage samplers, makes this vinyl unique.The visionary concept of the urbs and the poetry of its street is shaped into a draw-concept by Ledyan Fernandez (Cuba) and digital-art by Miguel Mendive for the artwork. Blue Rum 13 (Washington D.C) and Core Rhythm (NYC) are the rappers guest joining Kumar at rhymes. Sub-Elevation is composed by Kumar aka Sublevao Beat with the talented Cuban Sax-Tenor-Baritone and percussionist Julio Carbonell Jenks aka Mandinga Sax. Sub-Elevation is a consequence of Afro-Cuban culture influence, sacred Drums as a Batá with several tributes to Orishas and the Ancestral Yoruba tradition in combination with the modern language as Jazz and Hip hop. This music takes the listener directly into the jungle of our time, conspiracy, injustice , corruption and decadence are countered by a massive injection of Spiritualism and positive Revolution. Sub-Elevation is a message that need to be listened.

Note by: Scioue Scioue Productions.